The greatest of the greeks

This paper looks at the childhood of the philosopher Plato and his development into adulthood, including his education. The writer points out how Plato succeeded in accomplishing a lot in his lifetime–from creating one of the most well known Greek Academies to his work with “The Republic”. “Plato was born to an aristocratic family in Athens, Greece. When he was a child, his father Ariston, who was believed to be descended from the early kings of Athens, died. His mother, Perictione, married Pyrilampes. As a young man, Plato was always interested in political leadership and eventually became a student of Socrates He followed his philosophy and his dialectical style, which is believed to be the search for truth through questions, answers, and additional questions look here. After witnessing the death of Socrates at the hands of the Athenian democracy in 399 B.C., Plato left Athens and continued to travel to Italy, Sicily, and Egypt.”

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